Thanks to the most advanced technologies, apartments can be operated with 100% energy efficiency in due correspondence with the energy standards expected for 2021. Heating and cooling of the apartments can be remotely controlled with so-called “smart” solutions. Shades control themselves intelligently, in consideration of the weather and the part of the day and can be programmed, as well, in the interest of the possibly most efficient usage of energy and of intimacy. A modern heat pump system heats and cools the apartments in an environment-friendly manner. Part of the electricity production for the buildings is ensured by photovoltaic cells mounted on the roof.



Large sliding doors open external and internal spaces into each other. Fixed unframed windows and the glass-to-glass corners give the impression that internal space continues in external space without borders opening a wide road for the ever-interesting panorama. Internal spaces, too, have been designed generously, meanwhile with great degree of consciousness. Sense of increased space is true not only for communal rooms, such as living room, dining room, kitchen but for the night zone, too.



Skyline Residence can be approached through its private passage only, boom barrier and watchmen take care for the peace of the inhabitants. Preserving intimacy was an important aspect in the design of the apartments of the residential park. Floors angled on each other and the difference in the elevation of natural terraces ensure undisturbed peace for all of the families.