About us


in unprecedented ideas and outstanding professional capabilities. We believe that both are needed to deliver really great things. We believe that perfection can be created because we as a team can do that and we never contemplate compromise. This is how we imagined Skyline. Our aim was not at all less than to build the most excellent complex of Hungary.


We have reconsidered the concept of real estate development: since we are shaping the vision of the city for the generations to come for whom the city would remain admirable and lovable. We want to create the building where we would also be pleased to live. We wish to provide our customers not only with home but with new life quality.


Our team is composed of experts whose work is their passion. Development that makes everyday life joyful, sustainably comfortable and simply beautiful is inspiring for all of us. We strived to enchant all those who appraise the importance of innovative design and leading-edge technology umbrellaed by global quality standards.


We are aware that each city is a lively “microversum” with its individual character, style and pulsating rhythm. When we have dreamed about the new residential quarter we wanted to be sure above all that it will adopt the characteristics, the features of the city and therefore, will become effervescent, lovable and livable even on the long run. With its enormous veteran trees, breathing park, Skyline harmonises with the Buda landscape meanwhile is a jewel of its neighbourhood.

Nagy-Miticzky Szabolcs
Chief Designer Architect

Architectural summary of the Skyline project: a location with amazing endowments, iconic urbanistic concept, extraordinary architectural design.

An almost untouched forest in the middle of the city, with fascinating panorama. Two distinct plots separated by an internal passage, two different architectural solutions that however react to and exchange winks with each other. Because they belong to each other as the first components of an extraordinary residential quarter.

The aim of the basic architectural concept was to dissolve rigid delimitation between nature and home, outside and inside, to make borders between them almost unperceivable. Enormous terraces and balconies, glass facades opening with their entire surface to the panorama, architectural elements extending from the buildings and projecting towards the trees are destined to fill up the philosophical concept with livable and usable contents.

The basic pillars of the creation of these condominiums of extraordinary quality are functionality and comfort, but something else is also needed, something more … intuition, sentiment, inspired shaping of spaces … the complex is a contemporary of ours albeit is unique, its design roots in the present but is time-proof and value-proof; its mass is shaped uncommonly and bravely but it is neither ostentatious nor exhibitionist. We carefully used new and elaborate building technologies and materials for realising creative imaginations, its operation, however, will be cheap, sustainable and environment friendly. A more conservative concept was used in the design of internal spaces; the aim here was always the creation of practical, comfortable apartments with good layout.

The duality of external excitement and internal tranquillity imbues the buildings and offers the possibility of a dwelling experience of special choosiness and quality.